In Mark 1:17b Jesus tells his new followers that he “will make” them into something that they were not before.  The community of Jesus followers should be continually transformed by the truth of the gospel, the work of the Scriptures, and the Holy Spirit (Rom. 12:2).

Grow 2017 – January 8th – April 28th          

During this time of the year we want to intentionally engage in growing together in the call to follow Jesus.  We do this by diligent community study of the Bible and seeking to be transformed by what it says into “fishers of people.”

We will grow by two seven week semesters of classes.

Semester 1 – January 8th – February 25th (Break #1 – week of Feb 26th)

Semester 2 – March 5th – April 28th (Break #2 – week of April 16th)


The following classes will be each offered twice, once during each of the two semesters (except for the Bible Overview class, which will work through the OT in the first semester and the NT in the second semester).  This is so you can mix and match classes and have the greatest opportunity to take as many as you want.

1. Biblical Examples of Prayer – Garry Talbot – Sundays @ 9:00am @ Pillar Woodlawn

One of the clearest calls in the Bible for Christians is to prayer, though we often find it difficult to make it a priority.  Gather with us as we examine Biblical examples of prayer and ask God to stir us to pray, as we ask God to give us a love for him and others.

2. Biblical Themes – Matt Silver – Sundays @ 9:00am @ Pillar Woodlawn

A key to growing in Christ is an understanding of the Bible.  Join us as we explore eight themes central to the story of the Bible.  They are: Heaven & Earth, Image of God, Holiness, Covenants, The Law, Sacrifice and Atonement, The Messiah, and The Gospel of the Kingdom.

3. Biblical Overview – Theology and Mission through the Gospel Project – Nic Hodges – Sundays @ 9:00am @ Pillar Woodlawn

It’s often hard to know where to start when studying the Bible.  We believe that an understanding of the overall story of the Bible can help.  Join us as we use The Gospel Project as a guide for a survey of the entire Bible as one, continuous story.

4. Christian Financial Stewardship – Hamilton George – Mondays @ 7:00 pm @ Pillar Woodlawn

God has given us resources to be used by his will and for his glory.  Come and explore with us the ways we can steward our financial resources well, according to the Scripture, so as to honor God with our earthly treasure.

5. Deep Water: Christian Evangelism, Discipleship, and Church Planting – Brian Collison and Hamilton George

At Pillar Woodlawn we try to take seriously the commission of Jesus to go and make disciples.  This class seeks to explain the pattern for going and making disciples at Pillar Woodlawn and how those elements will result in new disciples being made and churches being planted around the world.

CORE Teams A and D (all welcome) – Fridays @ 7:00pm – Starting March 10th – email info@pillarwoodlawn for location

6. How to Read and Study the Bible – Brian Collison and Hamilton George

At Pillar Woodlawn we hold the Scriptures as the final authority in the life of the Christian and the church.  Therefore, we believe that every member needs to have an understanding of how to read and study the Bible for themselves and in community with other believers.  Join us as we set forth on a five stage journey of equipping with the tools necessary to being and making disciples using the Bible as our guide.

CORE Teams B and C (all welcome)- Sundays @ 2:30 pm – Starting March 5th – email info@pillarwoodlawn for location

Times are also posted here – Pillar Woodlawn Calendar