Coloring Book

Zach, an urban church planter stands near a metro stop smiling and passing out invite cards to church one afternoon. Passersby heckle him and throw his expensive cards on the ground to be tripled underfoot by the sea of passing of pedestrians.

Little Billy complains, “This floor is sticky” to his teacher while pastor Thomas mops old beer from the floor of the pub where his church meets.

Shirley, a collegiate church planter’s wife, counts the offering to find the basket containing $13.76 in cash and a cold egg McMuffin from McDonald’s. The note on the sandwich reads, “Silver and Gold I have not, but what I have I give to you”

Other Caption Ideas

  • Pastor Chris fights depression as he fills out his monthly denominational report.
  • It’s Friday at 4:32pm when Gabe gets a call from the principal of the school where his church meets. “Hey Gabe, it’s Principal Skinner, I just wanted to let you know that you’re not going to be able to meet here on Sunday, It’s book fair week”
  • Fred, a first time visitor, goes the extra mile to leave a google review for Restoration Church. ““Honestly one of the worst services I’ve ever been to, boring sermon, uninspiring message, sloppy stage and irrelevant announcements”
  • David a core team member, breaks the news to pastor Roy, “We’re feeling called to a bigger church, you know, for the sake of our kids”
  • Cindy, reprimands the church planters 5 year old son for running in the hallway by saying, “You should know better, you’re the pastor’s kid”
  • Pastor John preaches to a mostly empty room in his local elementary school