We are excited to follow Jesus into his mission in the world of calling people unto himself.  Our hope is that we will be able to engage the community around us in a meaningful way in order to make Jesus known.

We do this in three primary ways.  First, we call upon our members to be “fishers of people” in their own neighborhoods.  This is accomplished through the act of hospitality as commanded to the followers of Jesus in Romans 12:9.

Secondly, as a church community we host events during the summer months to create a space to meet those that live in our community with us.  Below are a list of some of the events we will be engaged in this summer.

Lastly, many of our members will be leaving us for new locations around the world.  Though we are sad to see them go, we know that God has used their time with us to enrich our lives and theirs.  We know that God has a great mission for them wherever they find themselves.  We want to send them out with great enthusiasm and in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Our summer GO! season is only one part of yearly rhythm.  For more information about other seasons, read about Our Vision.