God Questions

Often we can have questions about who God is, who we are, why are we here, how we know what is true, or any number of other areas of interest.  Almost any question that we have has been considered by those who have come before us and those among us that devote their lives to answering questions.  Below are some answers to common questions about our Christian faith.  If you would like to speak with someone personally about these topics or others, please email [email protected]

“What makes you so sure God even exists?”

“Aren't all religions essentially the same?”

“Why do you believe in the God of the Bible?”

“Who is the God of the Bible?”

“Why do Christians claim Jesus is the only way to God?”

“Sure, Jesus was a good man. Why make him into the Son of God, too?”

“Isn't the resurrection of Jesus just a made up story, how can you know it actually happened.”

“What is sin anyway?”

“What should my response be to God's message?”

“What happens to people who have never heard the gospel?”

“How could a good God allow so much suffering?”

“Why should I believe heaven and hell exist?”

“Why do you condemn homosexuals?”

“Why trust the Bible? It’s full of myths, errors, and contradictions.”

“Doesn't the Bible condone slavery?”

“Why are Christians so judgmental?”

“Didn’t evolution put God out of a job?”

“Why are Christians so obsessed with abortion?”

“Christians are hypocrites―so why should I listen to you?”