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Pillar Church of Woodlawn
9001 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, VA 22309
Office: (703) 780-3440

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What a great morning yesterday. Thank you to all who gathered with us for bible study and worship. It is so exciting to see our church family grow (not only in size) in just a short time. Looking forward to starting a new preaching series next week on God's character. Hope to see you then! ...

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Pillar Church of Woodlawn shared Project Team Jonny's photo. ...

Update.... Jonny isn't doing well. His fever was 104.8 for 2 hours. Finally, came down to 103.1 due to Tylenol. This was the lowest it's been since we took him many hours ago. But now it's going back up again (103.6). 😢 They said that the bacteria might be spreading and that is why the fever continues to rise. Fevers make me a nervous wreck. Especially when Jonny had nothing to fight with since his counts are zero. Physician indicated that she feels the infection is in his port, which leads directly to his heart. Very scary and serious. 😢 She said that he is not stable and they need to watch him closely. They will do a series of labs to determine the bacteria and location and then use the best antibiotics. Unfortunately, this takes time. Jonny also needs blood and platelets again. This should make him feel a little better tho, which is what we need. He is resting comfortably now, praise the Lord! All in all, Jonny isn't in good shape. He needs your prayers. If you're seeing this, please stop and say a quick prayer for my son if you haven't already. He would do it for you while he said with a smile "you're going to be ok". Much love to you all. Thank you for allowing God to work through you to help us! 💛💛💛 Kimberly #teamjonny #amotherslove #afatherslove #itrustGod #liveinthefaith

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Worship with us as we make it "official"! Pillar Woodlawn's public launch service is this Sunday. Bible study in Genesis begins at 0900, followed by snacks in the fellowship hall, then worship at 1030! If you live near Fort Belvoir and don't have a church family, give us a try. Our heart is to serve the special needs of the military community here in the National Capital Region. Can you help us? We are a church who seeks to know Jesus ourselves, and make Him known among our neighbors near and far. We hope you'll come this Sunday, but stay until God moves you to your next home or duty station! ...

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What can I say about this church? I'm so excited to see what God has in store for us! Your sacrifice, generosity, and motivation over the last 48 hours alone is inspiring, to say the least. Thanks to all who give of your time, talents, and treasures as we grow together into the church that God is shaping us to be! Invite everyone you know (and don't know) to join us for our launch service this coming Sunday, 13 Sep 2015! Bible study in Genesis 1 begins at 0900, followed by worship at 1030! Like, share, post, publish, tweet, send, chat, call, invite, and anything else you can do to get the word out! ...

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